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Product Description

Product DescriptionZLYJ series hard tooth flank gear box for extruder Product Features:; 1.;gearboxismade of high strength carbon steel hardened by carburizing made tooth surface    hardness of HRC58-62,; gears are used CNC grinding process ,; high precision,; good contact .; 2,; the transmission rate is high :; more than 96.;5% single-stage ,; two-       stage greater than 93% ,; 3 more than 90% .; 3 ,; smooth operation,; low noise.; 4,; small size ,; light weight ,; long life ,; high carrying capacity .; 5 ,; easy dismantling and easy to install .; CZPT series hard tooth flank gear box for extruder Specification :; 1.;Standardization in component structure,; 2.;Packages are all in modules,; 3.;Compatibility and high degree of exchange ability for all components.; CZPT series hard tooth flank gear box for extruder advantages:; 1.;high quality 2.;suitable price 3.;High safety performance4.;High reliability 5.;large bearing 6.;Long life 7.;Cost-effective CZPT series hard tooth flank gear box for extruder more pictures:;   Our Services 1.; 12 Months guarantee will be offered.;2.; We will react during 24 hours after received the email required to ensure the recovery of buyer’s production line first.;3.; The engineers will provide the trainings for operation,; maintenace fix skill to make the workers better understanding4.; Free parts replacement in the warranty period.;Company Information Smart equipment company has started its own gearbox business since 1995,; now smart equipment own 2 gearbox production factories,; and we attach importance to the research and development of new product.; We offer big range of gearboxes,; including R/S/K/F gearbox,; P planetary gearbox,; RV worm gearbox,; H B industrial gearbox,; customized gearbox etc,; with a strong advantage on industrial gearbox and customized gearbox,; we follow strict qualitycontrol system from the start to end.;    Our mission is to design and offer the reliable solution to your gearbox need,; and to promote sustainable and shared development with customers by providing honest,; responsible,;prompt services.; Workshop &quality assurance:;

Type: Bevel / Miter
Hardness of Tooth Flank: HRC54~62
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Output Speed: 8~20r/Min
Manufacturing Method: Cast Gear
Toothed Portion Shape: Spur Gear


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miter gearbox

Performance of Miter Gearboxes in Applications Requiring Precise Angle Changes

Miter gearboxes excel in applications that demand precise angle changes in motion transmission. Their ability to efficiently and accurately redirect rotational motion by 90 degrees makes them ideal for tasks where precise angular positioning is essential. Industries such as robotics, automation, machinery, and manufacturing often utilize miter gearboxes to achieve accurate and repeatable angular changes, ensuring proper alignment and movement of components. The compact and space-saving design of miter gearboxes further enhances their suitability for applications that require tight spatial constraints and precise motion control.

miter gearbox

Proper Installation and Alignment of Miter Gearboxes:

Installing and aligning a miter gearbox correctly is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Preparation: Gather all the necessary tools and equipment for the installation, including mounting hardware, shims, and measuring instruments.
  2. Positioning: Place the miter gearbox in the desired location, ensuring that it is level and securely supported. Use appropriate mounting brackets or plates to secure the gearbox to the mounting surface.
  3. Shaft Alignment: Align the input and output shafts of the miter gearbox with the shafts of the connected equipment. Check that the shafts are parallel and collinear for proper alignment.
  4. Check Tolerance: Measure the axial and radial alignment tolerances between the gearbox and connected equipment. Use precision measuring tools such as dial indicators or laser alignment systems to ensure accurate measurements.
  5. Adjustment: If alignment tolerances are not within the specified range, make necessary adjustments using shims or other alignment techniques. Gradually add or remove shims as needed to achieve proper alignment.
  6. Bolt Tightening: Once the miter gearbox is properly aligned, gradually tighten the mounting bolts or fasteners in a crisscross pattern to evenly distribute the load. Use the recommended torque specifications provided by the gearbox manufacturer.
  7. Lubrication: Apply the recommended lubricant to the gearbox according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Proper lubrication is essential for minimizing friction and ensuring smooth operation.
  8. Testing: Before fully operating the system, perform a test run of the miter gearbox to ensure that it operates smoothly and without any abnormal vibrations or noise.
  9. Final Checks: Double-check the alignment, bolt tightness, and lubrication after the test run. Make any necessary adjustments before putting the system into full operation.

Proper installation and alignment are critical for maximizing the efficiency, reliability, and lifespan of miter gearboxes. Following these steps and consulting the manufacturer’s guidelines will help ensure optimal performance of the gearbox and the entire mechanical system.

miter gearbox

Function of Bevel Gears in a Miter Gearbox

Bevel gears in a miter gearbox are responsible for changing the direction of rotational motion between intersecting shafts. They achieve this by utilizing the principle of conical gear teeth. The bevel gears have tapered tooth profiles that allow them to mesh together at a specific angle, typically 90 degrees in the case of a miter gearbox.

When one bevel gear (the driving gear) rotates, its conical teeth engage with the teeth of the other bevel gear (the driven gear) at the desired angle. As a result, the rotational motion is transmitted from the driving gear to the driven gear, causing the output shaft to rotate perpendicular to the input shaft. This change in direction allows the miter gearbox to redirect motion along a different axis, making it suitable for applications where a 90-degree turn is required.

The precise tooth geometry and alignment of the bevel gears ensure smooth and efficient motion transfer, enabling the miter gearbox to effectively transmit torque and power while changing the direction of rotation.

China supplier China Manufacturer of CZPT Series Hard Tooth Flank Gear Box for Extruder   gearbox design		China supplier China Manufacturer of CZPT Series Hard Tooth Flank Gear Box for Extruder   gearbox design
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