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China manufacturer Low Backlash Worm Gearbox Efficiency Servo Gear Boxes Reducer Zero Electric Transmission Motor China Manufacturers for Energy Aerospace Industrial Gearboxes planetary gearbox

Product Description

Low Backlash Worm Gearbox Efficiency Servo Gear Boxes reducer zero electric transmission motor China Manufacturers for Energy Aerospace Industrial Gearboxes

The low backlash drive units HPCNHS type are available in 4 sizes. Each size includes 2 ratios which are 30:1 and 60:1.

The drive units HPCNHS are built with a minimum backlash which can be adjusted due to the duplex toothing of the gears.

The low backlash drive units are built for medium power transmission.

Worm Gear Units:

The NHS-Range gearboxes is available in 4 model sizes and 2 standard ratios.The gearbox size is identical to the centreline distance.

Low backlash Features :

— Worm gear gyration backlash can be adjusted to less than 1 arc.
— Reducer can be re-adjusted the gap after using .
— Input with coupling : reliable without backlash .
— Output using conical clamping ring couplings : reliable without backlash.


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Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Function: Distribution Power, Clutch, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Three-Step
US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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miter gearbox

Minimizing Backlash and Ensuring Efficient Power Transfer in Miter Gearboxes

Miter gearboxes are meticulously designed to minimize backlash and ensure efficient power transfer, contributing to smooth and reliable operation in various mechanical systems.

Backlash, the slight movement or play between mating gears, can lead to imprecise motion and reduced accuracy. To address this, miter gearboxes incorporate features such as precision-machined gear teeth, high-quality bearings, and precise alignment of gears and shafts. These design elements help minimize the clearance between gear teeth, reducing or eliminating backlash and ensuring consistent motion transfer.

Efficient power transfer in miter gearboxes is achieved through careful consideration of gear geometry, tooth profiles, and material selection. Engineers optimize gear tooth shapes to minimize friction and maximize contact area between mating gears. Additionally, high-quality materials with appropriate hardness and surface finish are chosen to enhance durability and reduce energy losses due to friction.

The lubrication system also plays a critical role in efficient power transfer. Proper lubrication reduces friction, dissipates heat, and prevents wear, contributing to the overall efficiency of the gearbox.

Overall, the design of miter gearboxes focuses on tight tolerances, precision manufacturing, and thoughtful engineering to minimize backlash and maximize power transfer efficiency, resulting in reliable and high-performance mechanical systems.

miter gearbox

Key Benefits of Using Miter Gearboxes in Angular Transmission Applications

Miter gearboxes offer several key benefits when used in applications requiring angular transmission:

  • Precise Angle Transmission: Miter gearboxes excel at transmitting rotational motion at specific angles, ensuring accurate and controlled angular adjustments.
  • Compact Design: Their compact and space-saving design allows for efficient integration into machinery and equipment with limited space.
  • High Efficiency: Miter gearboxes are engineered for efficient power transmission, minimizing energy losses during angular motion transfer.
  • Smooth Operation: The meshing of bevel gears in miter gearboxes results in smooth and stable motion, reducing vibration and noise.
  • Wide Range of Angles: Miter gearboxes can handle a broad range of angle requirements, making them versatile for various applications.
  • Enhanced Precision: These gearboxes enable precise positioning and alignment of components, crucial in industries like automotive manufacturing.
  • Robust and Durable: Constructed from high-quality materials, miter gearboxes offer durability and can withstand demanding operational conditions.
  • Customizability: Miter gearboxes can be designed and customized to meet specific angle transmission needs in different industries.

Overall, miter gearboxes are a valuable solution for applications that require accurate and reliable angular transmission, contributing to improved performance and quality in various industries.

miter gearbox

Function of Miter Gearbox in Mechanical Systems

A miter gearbox is a type of gear arrangement that allows rotational motion to be transmitted at a 90-degree angle between intersecting shafts. It consists of two bevel gears with perpendicular axes, which makes it suitable for changing the direction of motion in a mechanical system.

Miter gearboxes function by meshing the teeth of the two bevel gears, which are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. As one gear rotates, its teeth engage with the teeth of the other gear, transmitting torque and motion perpendicular to the input shaft. This 90-degree redirection of motion is crucial for applications where space constraints or specific mechanical configurations require changes in direction.

These gearboxes are commonly used in situations where components need to be rotated or aligned at right angles, such as in automotive steering systems, printing presses, woodworking machinery, and more. The ability to efficiently transfer motion at a 90-degree angle makes miter gearboxes essential in various industrial and mechanical applications.

China manufacturer Low Backlash Worm Gearbox Efficiency Servo Gear Boxes Reducer Zero Electric Transmission Motor China Manufacturers for Energy Aerospace Industrial Gearboxes   planetary gearbox	China manufacturer Low Backlash Worm Gearbox Efficiency Servo Gear Boxes Reducer Zero Electric Transmission Motor China Manufacturers for Energy Aerospace Industrial Gearboxes   planetary gearbox
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China ZLTECH 14inch 48V 200RPM 200kg load 4096 magnetic encoder brushless electric wheel dc servo hub motor for service robot supplier

Warranty: 3months-1year
Model Amount: ZLLG14ASM800 V2.
Use: Robotic, AGV
Torque: 15N.m
Construction: Long term Magnet
Commutation: Brushless
Defend Attribute: IP54
Velocity(RPM): 200RPM
Constant Recent(A): 10A
Effectiveness: eighty%
Exterior diameter with tyre: 358mm
Number of poles: 20 polos
Shaft type: single shaft
Encoder: 4096 Magnetic encoder
Tire: Pneumatic Rubber
Certification: CE, ROHS, Double elastomer adaptable couplings TS38S-2 0571 045 Manufacturing unit Value non-normal tailored forty five# metal manufactured in China ISO9001
Max torque: 45N.m
Max existing: 30A
Max speed: 300RPM
Normal Programs: Robotic Gear
Packaging Information: Motor: 9.6KG1 items for each cartonCarton weight: eleven.2KG WSD2 design stainless steel substance Customizable holes Truck Components universal joints Deal dimension: 30.5cm*thirty.5cm*20cm

ZLTECH 14inch 48V 200RPM 200kg load 4096 magnetic encoder brushless electrical wheel dc servo hub motor for service robot Merchandise Application Parameters & Proportions Details Edge Equivalent Products Surroundings & Tools Certifications & ZL8 Flexible Pin&Bush Tooth Coupling Cooparations Packaging & Shipping and delivery


Types of Vehicle Gearboxes

In a vehicle, there are many types of gearboxes available. There are planetary gearboxes, Coaxial helical gearboxes, and skew bevel helical gearboxes, among others. In this article, we’ll cover all of them and help you determine which type of gearbox would be right for your vehicle. Also, we’ll discuss how each differs from the others.

planetary gearbox

A planetary gearbox is composed of three main components: a sun gear, an input bevel gear, and an output shaft. A planetary gearbox can have different output torques and ratios. The basic model of a planetary gearbox is highly efficient and transmits 97% of the power input. There are several kinds of planetary gearboxes, depending on the type of operation. In general, there are three types: the simple, the intermediate, and the complex.
The price of a planetary gearbox can vary a lot, and it’s important to know what you’ll need. Different manufacturers produce different planetary gearboxes, so check with a manufacturer to see what they have available. Make sure to check the quality of the planetary gearbox before making a final purchase. In addition, be sure to compare the prices and the availability of a particular product. A quality planetary gearbox will provide years of trouble-free operation and will not break your bank.
Planetary gears feature an integer number of teeth. Each planet has teeth that must mesh with its ring or sun. The number of planets, ring, and tooth count of each gear determine whether the teeth mesh. Some planets have fewer teeth than others, so they mesh better than others. However, compound planets can be more flexible and achieve higher reduction ratios. If you’re looking for a planetary gearbox for your next project, consider getting in touch with a manufacturer who specializes in this technology.
When it comes to construction, a planetary gearbox is no exception. It’s extremely important to choose the right planetary gear for your application, because an imbalance in the planet gear can cause increased wear and failure. Moreover, the compact size of a planetary gear ensures maximum heat dissipation. However, a planetary gear box may require cooling in some applications. A planetary gearbox will make your life easier, and it will give you years of trouble-free operation.

Straight bevel helical gearbox

The Straight bevel helical gearbox has a number of advantages, but it has a relatively short manufacturing process. Its most popular application is in the automotive industry, where it is used in many types of vehicles. Other applications include heavy and light equipment and the aviation and marine industries. Below is a brief introduction to this gearbox type. Read on to learn about its benefits. This type of gearbox is one of the easiest to manufacture.
The spiral bevel gear has larger teeth than straight bevel gears, resulting in a smoother, quieter rotation. It can handle high-speed heavy loads with less vibration. Spiral bevel gears are classified by their tooth form and cutting method. Straight bevel gears are easier to design and manufacture, but spiral bevel gears are more expensive. Both designs are suitable for high-speed, heavy-load operations, and general manufacturing applications.
In addition to being easy to install, the modular bevel gears have many advantages. They have an exceptionally high degree of interchangeability and feature the highest standards of component integrity. They can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The advantages of this gearbox type include high precision, optimum performance, and low noise. And because they are modular, they can be produced in a variety of finishes. These include stainless steel, titanium, and bronze.
Straight bevel helical gearbox manufacturers are committed to a high degree of precision in their designs. The radii, torques, and tooth profiles of straight bevel gears are more precisely measured than those of cylindrical bevel gears. The same calculations are used for all traditional bevel gear generators. This ensures that your 5-axis milled bevel gear sets have the same calculations and layout.

Coaxial helical gearbox

The Coaxial helical gearbox is a highly efficient transmission system that is well suited for light-duty applications. Compared to spur-type gearboxes, the real pitch of a Coaxial helical gearbox is low at all helix angles. This is because the coaxial type has the same number of teeth and center gap as the spur gearbox. Coaxial helical gearboxes also have a smaller footprint and are compact.
Several nations have implemented lockdown regulations for Industrial Gearbox trade, threatening the global economy. Several factors have been implicated in COVID-19, including supply chain, market, and financial markets. Experts are monitoring the situation globally and project remunerative prospects for gearbox manufacturers after the crisis. This report depicts the latest scenario and offers a comprehensive analysis of COVID-19’s impact on the entire industry.
This Coaxial helical gearbox features a compact structure and high precision gear. Its three-stage design combines two-stage gears with a single-stage gear, forging high-quality alloy steel for high precision and durability. The gears are serially-designed for easy interchangeability. They are also available in high-frequency heat-treated steel. A Coaxial helical gearbox is the perfect solution for many applications.
Coaxial helical gearboxes have the added benefit of using cylindrical gears instead of shafts. They operate quietly, and have more surface area to interact with. Their fixed angles make them suitable for heavy-duty applications, like in conveyors, coolers, and grinders. Compared to other gearbox types, Helical gearboxes have higher power-carrying capacity. Listed below are the benefits of a Coaxial Helical Gearbox

Skew bevel helical gearbox

A Skew bevel helical gear box is a common type of industrial gearbox. These gearboxes are rigid and compact and can be used in a variety of applications. They are commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as grinding mills, conveyors, and coolers. They are used in many applications to provide rotary motions between non-parallel shafts. They also have the added benefit of high-efficiency in a variety of industries.
Skew bevel helical gear boxes are suitable for heavy loads and are monolithic in construction. This type of gearbox combines the benefits of bevel and helical gears for right-angle torque, which makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty applications. In addition to being a robust and reliable gearbox, these gearboxes are highly customizable and can meet almost any industrial need.
To maximize the efficiency of bevel gears, FE-based tooth contact analysis is used to develop a sophisticated geometry optimization algorithm. The software also allows users to define optimal flank topography by introducing application-specific weightings for specific load levels. With this data, a manufacturing simulation is conducted to determine the best variant. A robust variant combines the benefits of efficiency, load-carrying capacity, and low excitation behavior.
The helical gear can be angled at 90 degrees. This is similar to a spur gear but produces less noise. It can achieve a nine-to-one speed reduction with one stage. However, a helical gear requires a larger driver gear for higher reductions. This gearbox is suitable for speeds from 1:1 to three times. They are often used in the manufacture of motors and generators.

Extruder helical gearbox

An extruder helical gearbox is one of the most common industrial gears. It is compact in size and low-power consuming, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Extruder helical gearboxes are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including cement, plastics, rubber, conveyors, and coolers. In addition to its use in plastics and rubber manufacturing, this gearbox is also useful in other low-power applications such as crushers, coolers, and conveyors.
CZPT SG series Extruder Helical Gearboxes are available in Single Screw and Twin Screw Variations. These gears feature a compact design, high power density, and long service life. Axial bearing housing and thrust bearings are mounted on the input shafts. Extruder helical gearboxes can be installed in various positions, including horizontal, vertical, and inclined.
Helicoidal gears are often produced in a modular manner. This design provides multiple benefits, including engineering and performance advantages, modular production, and the highest level of component integrity. A single helical gearbox can be assembled into a larger gearbox if needed, but modular production ensures consistent performance and economy. This modular design is also cost-effective. It is a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of applications.
In addition to its efficiencies, Extruder helical gearboxes also have a low noise profile. They have no squeal sounds, and they are silent when running. They can transfer more power than conventional gearboxes. This type of gear has been used in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic products for years. They are often used for applications in automotive transmissions. Aside from being quiet, helical gears have higher contact levels and lower vibration.

China ZLTECH 14inch 48V 200RPM 200kg load 4096 magnetic encoder brushless electric wheel dc servo hub motor for service robot     supplier China ZLTECH 14inch 48V 200RPM 200kg load 4096 magnetic encoder brushless electric wheel dc servo hub motor for service robot     supplier
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China For servo motor use low noise gearbox large torque speed reducer high efficiency gear box synchromesh gearbox

Guarantee: 3 many years
Relevant Industries: For Servo Motor
Weight (KG): .4 KG
Personalized assistance: OEM, ODM, OBM
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: 15nm
Input Pace: personalized
Output Velocity: customized
Functioning temperature variety: -forty~120°C
materials: Metallic Metal
stages: 1-five
pace ratio: seven
sound: 50db
Packaging Details: Personalized ask for bundle
Port: HangZhou

NameServo motor planetary gearbox
Material metal
Work Temperature-40–120℃
Efficiency95% / Stage
deceleration methodPlanetary
Sample BuyYes
MOQ Negotation
Application AreaServo motor, industrial equipment and other equipment transmission parts
Housing MaterialGear Material stage Speed RatioOutput TorqueOutput PacenoiseEfficiency
metal (metal)Metal ( steel) 1715n.m430r/m50db90%
Related Merchandise 16MM Diameter DC brushless huge torque planetary gear motor 22MM Diamter planetary equipment motor 28MM Diamter DC 3V 12V 24V 48V planetary gear motor 32MM Diamter big torque planetary gear motor 36MM Diameter customized planetary equipment motor Business Profile Our Service Packing & Supply FAQ Q: What’re your major merchandise?A: We currently create Brushed Dc Motors, Brushed Dc Equipment Motors, Planetary Dc Equipment Motors, Brushless Dc Motors, Stepper motors,Ac Motors and High Precision Planetary Gear Box etc. You can check out the requirements for previously mentioned motors on our website and you canemail us to recommend necessary motors for each your specification also. Q: How to pick a appropriate motor?A:If you have motor images or drawings to show us, or you have thorough specs like voltage, speed, torque, motor measurement, workingmode of the motor, required lifetime and sounds amount etc, please do not hesitate to let us know, then we can advocate suitablemotor per your ask for appropriately. Q: Do you have a custom-made provider for your common motors?A: Indeed, we can customise per your request for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft measurement/condition. If you want added wires/cablessoldered on the terminal or want to insert connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it way too. Q: Do you have an specific style support for motors?A: Yes, we would like to design motors separately for our customers, but it may possibly need to have some mould creating price and designcharge. Q: What is your guide time?A: Typically speaking, our regular standard merchandise will want fifteen-30days, a little bit longer for personalized items. But we are veryflexible on the direct time, it will rely on the particular orders. Contact US

How to Select a Gearbox

When you drive your vehicle, the gearbox provides you with traction and speed. The lower gear provides the most traction, while the higher gear has the most speed. Selecting the right gear for your driving conditions will help you maximize both. The right gearing will vary based on road conditions, load, and speed. Short gearing will accelerate you more quickly, while tall gearing will increase top speed. However, you should understand how to use the gearbox before driving.


The function of the gearbox is to transmit rotational energy to the machine’s drive train. The ratio between input and output torque is the ratio of the torque to the speed of rotation. Gearboxes have many different functions. A gearbox may have multiple functions or one function that is used to drive several other machines. If one gear is not turning, the other will be able to turn the gearbox. This is where the gearbox gets its name.
The pitch-controlled system has an equal number of failure modes as the electrical system, accounting for a large proportion of the longest machine downtime and halt time. The relationship between mechanisms and faults is not easily modeled mathematically. Failure modes of gearboxes are shown in Fig. 3. A gearbox’s true service life is six to eight years. However, a gearbox’s fault detection process must be developed as mature technology is required to reduce the downtime and avoid catastrophic incidents.
A gearbox is a vital piece of machinery. It processes energy produced by an engine to move the machine’s parts. A gearbox’s efficiency depends on how efficiently it transfers energy. The higher the ratio, the more torque is transferred to the wheels. It is a common component of bicycles, cars, and a variety of other devices. Its four major functions include:
In addition to ensuring gearbox reliability, a gearbox’s maintainability should be evaluated in the design phase. Maintainability considerations should be integrated into the gearbox design, such as the type of spare parts available. An appropriate maintenance regime will also determine how often to replace or repair specific parts. A proper maintenance procedure will also ensure that the gearbox is accessible. Whether it is easy to access or difficult to reach, accessibility is essential.


A car’s transmission connects the engine to the wheels, allowing a higher-speed crankshaft to provide leverage. High-torque engines are necessary for the vehicle’s starting, acceleration, and meeting road resistance. The gearbox reduces the engine’s speed and provides torque variations at the wheels. The transmission also provides reversing power, making it possible to move the vehicle backwards and forwards.
Gears transmit power from one shaft to another. The size of the gears and number of teeth determine the amount of torque the unit can transmit. A higher gear ratio means more torque, but slower speed. The gearbox’s lever moves the engaging part on the shaft. The lever also slides the gears and synchronizers into place. If the lever slips to the left or right, the engine operates in second gear.
Gearboxes need to be closely monitored to reduce the likelihood of premature failure. Various tests are available to detect defective gear teeth and increase machine reliability. Figure 1.11(a) and (b) show a gearbox with 18 teeth and a 1.5:1 transmission ratio. The input shaft is connected to a sheave and drives a “V” belt. This transmission ratio allows the gearbox to reduce the speed of the motor, while increasing torque and reducing output speed.
When it comes to speed reduction, gear box is the most common method for reducing motor torque. The torque output is directly proportional to the volume of the motor. A small gearbox, for example, can produce as much torque as a large motor with the same output speed. The same holds true for the reverse. There are hybrid drives and in-line gearboxes. Regardless of the type, knowing about the functions of a gearbox will make it easier to choose the right one for your specific application.


When selecting a gearbox, the service factor must be considered. Service factor is the difference between the actual capacity of the gearbox and the value required by the application. Additional requirements for the gearbox may result in premature seal wear or overheating. The service factor should be as low as possible, as it could be the difference between the lifetime of the gearbox and its failure. In some cases, a gearbox’s service factor can be as high as 1.4, which is sufficient for most industrial applications.
China dominates the renewable energy industry, with the largest installed capacity of 1000 gigawatts and more than 2000 terawatt hours of electricity generated each year. The growth in these sectors is expected to increase the demand for gearboxes. For example, in China, wind and hydropower energy production are the major components of wind and solar power plants. The increased installation capacity indicates increased use of gearboxes for these industries. A gearbox that is not suitable for its application will not be functional, which may be detrimental to the production of products in the country.
A gearbox can be mounted in one of four different positions. The first three positions are concentric, parallel, or right angle, and the fourth position is shaft mount. A shaft mount gearbox is typically used in applications where the motor can’t be mounted via a foot. These positions are discussed in more detail below. Choosing the correct gearbox is essential in your business, but remember that a well-designed gearbox will help your bottom line.
The service factor of a gearbox is dependent on the type of load. A high shock load, for example, can cause premature failure of the gear teeth or shaft bearings. In such cases, a higher service factor is required. In other cases, a gearbox that is designed for high shock loads can withstand such loads without deteriorating its performance. Moreover, it will also reduce the cost of maintaining the gearbox over time.


When choosing the material for your gearbox, you must balance the strength, durability, and cost of the design. This article will discuss the different types of materials and their respective applications and power transmission calculations. A variety of alloys are available, each of which offers its own advantages, including improved hardness and wear resistance. The following are some of the common alloys used in gears. The advantage of alloys is their competitive pricing. A gear made from one of these materials is usually stronger than its counterparts.
The carbon content of SPCC prevents the material from hardening like SS. However, thin sheets made from SPCC are often used for gears with lower strength. Because of the low carbon content, SPCC’s surface doesn’t harden as quickly as SS gears do, so soft nitriding is needed to provide hardness. However, if you want a gear that won’t rust, then you should consider SS or FCD.
In addition to cars, gearboxes are also used in the aerospace industry. They are used in space travel and are used in airplane engines. In agriculture, they are used in irrigation, pest and insect control machinery, and plowing machines. They are also used in construction equipment like cranes, bulldozers, and tractors. Gearboxes are also used in the food processing industry, including conveyor systems, kilns, and packaging machinery.
The teeth of the gears in your gearbox are important when it comes to performance. A properly meshing gear will allow the gears to achieve peak performance and withstand torque. Gear teeth are like tiny levers, and effective meshing reduces stress and slippage. A stationary parametric analysis will help you determine the quality of meshing throughout the gearing cycle. This method is often the most accurate way to determine whether your gears are meshing well.


The global gear market is divided into five key regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Among these regions, Asia Pacific is expected to generate the largest GDP, owing to rapidly growing energy demand and investments in industrial infrastructure. This region is also home to some of the largest manufacturing bases, and its continuous building of new buildings and homes will support the industry’s growth. In terms of application, gearboxes are used in construction, agricultural machinery, and transportation.
The Industrial Gearbox market is anticipated to expand during the next several years, driven by the rapid growth of the construction industry and business advancements. However, there are several challenges that hamper the growth of the industry. These include the high cost of operations and maintenance of gear units. This report covers the market size of industrial gearboxes globally, as well as their manufacturing technologies. It also includes manufacturer data for the period of 2020-2024. The report also features a discussion of market drivers and restraints.
Global health crisis and decreasing seaborne commerce have moderately adverse effects on the industry. Falling seaborne commerce has created a barrier to investment. The value of international crude oil is expected to cross USD 0 by April 2020, putting an end to new assets development and exploitation. In such a scenario, the global gearbox market will face many challenges. However, the opportunities are huge. So, the market for industrial gearboxes is expected to grow by more than 6% by 2020, thanks to the increasing number of light vehicles sold in the country.
The main shaft of a gearbox, also known as the output shaft, spins at different speeds and transfers torque to an automobile. The output shaft is splined so that a coupler and gear can be connected to it. The counter shaft and primary shaft are supported by bearings, which reduce friction in the spinning element. Another important part of a gearbox is the gears, which vary in tooth count. The number of teeth determines how much torque a gear can transfer. In addition, the gears can glide in any position.

China For servo motor use low noise gearbox large torque speed reducer high efficiency gear box     synchromesh gearbox	China For servo motor use low noise gearbox large torque speed reducer high efficiency gear box     synchromesh gearbox
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China high quality Low backlash Planetary Gearbox for ECMA Delta Servo Motor gearbox design

Model Number: PL series
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: MAX. 1800N.M
Rated Electrical power: 5W-8000W
Input Velocity: 0RPM-8000RPM
Output Velocity: 0RPM-14000RPM
Ratio: 3-512
Average lifestyle expectancy: >20000h
Assembly model: Spherical flange sort / Square flange variety
software: printing device, packing device, CNC resources, sweeping machine
Fat (kg): .4-45
Operating temp: -25°C-+90°C
Complete load performance: ninety%-98%
Lubrication kind: Lifetime
IP: IP65
Packaging Particulars: 1. normal CZPT packing. 2. custom-made packing. 3. unmarked packing.
Port: ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou

Low backlash Planetary Gearbox for ECMA Delta Servo Motor Description of planetary gearbox:es: PLE, PLF2) Gearbox outline dimension: 60, eighty, 90,a hundred and twenty, 1603) Reduction ratio: 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 9, twelve, 16, twenty, 28, 35, 40, fifty,sixty four, 70, 80, 100, one hundred twenty five, 140, one hundred seventy five,200, 250, 350, 400,500,seven hundred,a thousand.4) Lubrication: Life time lubrication5) Input pace: 3000— 8000rpm6) Lifestyle: >20, 000 hours7) Backlash: Phase 1: <10(arcmin)Stage 2: <15(arcmin)Stage 3: <22 (arcmin)8) Running temperature: -25°C to +90°C
Lower backlash Planetary Gearbox for ECMA Delta Servo Motor Principal Functions:1.reduced backlash2.high output torque-the industry’s optimum torque density3.well balanced motor pinion4.substantial efficiency(up to ninety eight%)5.ratio 3:1 to a thousand:16.minimal noise7.operable in any mounting positions8.life span lubrication
Comprehensive Graphic

Common lifetime(h) >20000
Iubricant Performance Iubrication
route of rotation The enter and output to the identical
Defense amount Lp65
Set up arbitrarily
Gearbox define dimension sixty, 80,90, one hundred twenty, a hundred and sixty
Reduction ratio three, 4, 5, 7, 10, 9, 12, 16, 20, 28, 35, forty, 50,sixty four, 70, 80, a hundred, one hundred twenty five, one hundred forty, one hundred seventy five,200, 250, 350, four hundred,five hundred,seven-hundred,one thousand.
Input velocity 3000— 8000rpm
Backiash: Stage 1 <10 (arcmin)
Phase two <15 (arcmin)
Stage three <22 (arcmin)
Operating temperature -25°C to +90°C

Note : It is just the normal technical information for you reference, The specification these kinds of as voltage, speed, torque, shaft ,speed ratio can tailored.
Packing & Delivery 1. common CZPT packing. 2. customized packing. 3. unmarked packing.
AppliciationLow backlash Planetary Gearbox for ECMA Delta Servo Motor
Be extensively utilized for materials handing tools, engineering equipment,metallurgy sector,mining industry,petrochemical business, development machinery,textile sector, health care equipment and instruments, instrument and meter market,car industry,maritime sector,weapons sector, aerospace subject,and so on.

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AC motor Conveying equipment Diesel motor components Foam equipment Packing device Servo motor
CNC Crane equipment Dyeing machine Lawn mower Paper device Textile device

Our Support3: 1 to 512:1 Ratio Modest Planetary Pace Reducer Gearbox Large Precision1.Free of charge upkeep inside twelve months guarantee2. Expert research and advancement crew 3. Technological assistance for installation4. Stringent quality handle system5. Personalize manufacturing How to decide on the gearbox model? FAQ1. Q: What is variety of your organization.A: We are producer.2. Q: what should I provide when I choose gearbox/speed reducer?A: 1) load condition2) pace of rotation or velocity ratio(combination with combine velocity reducer can get additional reduced out putting rotational pace)3) function circumstance(temperature, humidity,corrosion and so forth.)4) area of installation3. Q: How lengthy dose it get to end my get?A: It is dependent on your quantity. 4. Q: How can i know the process of my get?A: Thorough picture of the creation approach will be sent to you to affirm prior to delivery. Consummation QC program makes it achievable to provide you trustworthy quality

Key Market Insights Related to Worm Reduction Gearboxes

A gearbox is a mechanical device that allows you to shift between different speeds or gears. It does so by using one or more clutches. Some gearboxes are single-clutch, while others use two clutches. You can even find a gearbox with closed bladders. These are also known as dual clutches and can shift gears more quickly than other types. Performance cars are designed with these types of gearboxes.

Backlash measurement

Gearbox backlash is a common component that can cause noise or other problems in a car. In fact, the beats and sets of gears in a gearbox are often excited by the oscillations of the engine torque. Noise from gearboxes can be significant, particularly in secondary shafts that engage output gears with a differential ring. To measure backlash and other dimensional variations, an operator can periodically take the output shaft’s motion and compare it to a known value.
A comparator measures the angular displacement between two gears and displays the results. In one method, a secondary shaft is disengaged from the gearbox and a control gauge is attached to its end. A threaded pin is used to secure the differential crown to the secondary shaft. The output pinion is engaged with the differential ring with the aid of a control gauge. The angular displacement of the secondary shaft is then measured by using the dimensions of the output pinion.
Backlash measurements are important to ensure the smooth rotation of meshed gears. There are various types of backlash, which are classified according to the type of gear used. The first type is called circumferential backlash, which is the length of the pitch circle around which the gear rotates to make contact. The second type, angular backlash, is defined as the maximum angle of movement between two meshed gears, which allows the other gear to move when the other gear is stationary.
The backlash measurement for gearbox is one of the most important tests in the manufacturing process. It is a criterion of tightness or looseness in a gear set, and too much backlash can jam a gear set, causing it to interface on the weaker part of its gear teeth. When backlash is too tight, it can lead to gears jamming under thermal expansion. On the other hand, too much backlash is bad for performance.

Worm reduction gearboxes

Worm reduction gearboxes are used in the production of many different kinds of machines, including steel and power plants. They are also used extensively in the sugar and paper industries. The company is constantly aiming to improve their products and services to remain competitive in the global marketplace. The following is a summary of key market insights related to this type of gearbox. This report will help you make informed business decisions. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this type of gearbox.
Compared to conventional gear sets, worm reduction gearboxes have few disadvantages. Worm gear reducers are commonly available and manufacturers have standardized their mounting dimensions. There are no unique requirements for shaft length, height, and diameter. This makes them a very versatile piece of equipment. You can choose to use one or combine several worm gear reducers to fit your specific application. And because they have standardized ratios, you will not have to worry about matching up multiple gears and determining which ones fit.
One of the primary disadvantages of worm reduction gearboxes is their reduced efficiency. Worm reduction gearboxes usually have a maximum reduction ratio of five to sixty. The higher-performance hypoid gears have an output speed of around ten to twelve revolutions. In these cases, the reduced ratios are lower than those with conventional gearing. Worm reduction gearboxes are generally more efficient than hypoid gear sets, but they still have a low efficiency.
The worm reduction gearboxes have many advantages over traditional gearboxes. They are simple to maintain and can work in a range of different applications. Because of their reduced speed, they are perfect for conveyor belt systems.

Worm reduction gearboxes with closed bladders

The worm and the gear mesh with each other in a combination of sliding and rolling movements. This sliding action is dominant at high reduction ratios, and the worm and gear are made of dissimilar metals, which results in friction and heat. This limits the efficiency of worm gears to around thirty to fifty percent. A softer material for the gear can be used to absorb shock loads during operation.
A normal gear changes its output independently once a sufficient load is applied. However, the backstop complicates the gear configuration. Worm gears require lubrication because of the sliding wear and friction introduced during movement. A common gear arrangement moves power at the peak load section of a tooth. The sliding happens at low speeds on either side of the apex and occurs at a low velocity.
Single-reduction gearboxes with closed bladders may not require a drain plug. The reservoir for a worm gear reducer is designed so that the gears are in constant contact with lubricant. However, the closed bladders will cause the worm gear to wear out more quickly, which can cause premature wear and increased energy consumption. In this case, the gears can be replaced.
Worm gears are commonly used for speed reduction applications. Unlike conventional gear sets, worm gears have higher reduction ratios. The number of gear teeth in the worm reduces the speed of a particular motor by a substantial amount. This makes worm gears an attractive option for hoisting applications. In addition to their increased efficiency, worm gears are compact and less prone to mechanical failure.

Shaft arrangement of a gearbox

The ray-diagram of a gearbox shows the arrangement of gears in the various shafts of the transmission. It also shows how the transmission produces different output speeds from a single speed. The ratios that represent the speed of the spindle are called the step ratio and the progression. A French engineer named Charles Renard introduced five basic series of gearbox speeds. The first series is the gear ratio and the second series is the reverse gear ratio.
The layout of the gear axle system in a gearbox relates to its speed ratio. In general, the speed ratio and the centre distance are coupled by the gear axles to form an efficient transmission. Other factors that may affect the layout of the gear axles include space constraints, the axial dimension, and the stressed equilibrium. In October 2009, the inventors of a manual transmission disclosed the invention as No. 2. These gears can be used to realize accurate gear ratios.
The input shaft 4 in the gear housing 16 is arranged radially with the gearbox output shaft. It drives the lubricating oil pump 2. The pump draws oil from a filter and container 21. It then delivers the lubricating oil into the rotation chamber 3. The chamber extends along the longitudinal direction of the gearbox input shaft 4, and it expands to its maximum diameter. The chamber is relatively large, due to a detent 43.
Different configurations of gearboxes are based on their mounting. The mounting of gearboxes to the driven equipment dictates the arrangement of shafts in the gearbox. In certain cases, space constraints also affect the shaft arrangement. This is the reason why the input shaft in a gearbox may be offset horizontally or vertically. However, the input shaft is hollow, so that it can be connected to lead through lines or clamping sets.

Mounting of a gearbox

In the mathematical model of a gearbox, the mounting is defined as the relationship between the input and output shafts. This is also known as the Rotational Mount. It is one of the most popular types of models used for drivetrain simulation. This model is a simplified form of the rotational mount, which can be used in a reduced drivetrain model with physical parameters. The parameters that define the rotational mount are the TaiOut and TaiIn of the input and output shaft. The Rotational Mount is used to model torques between these two shafts.
The proper mounting of a gearbox is crucial for the performance of the machine. If the gearbox is not aligned properly, it may result in excessive stress and wear. It may also result in malfunctioning of the associated device. Improper mounting also increases the chances of the gearbox overheating or failing to transfer torque. It is essential to ensure that you check the mounting tolerance of a gearbox before installing it in a vehicle.

China high quality Low backlash Planetary Gearbox for ECMA Delta Servo Motor     gearbox design		China high quality Low backlash Planetary Gearbox for ECMA Delta Servo Motor     gearbox design
editor by czh

China OEM ABA High Quality Low Backlash Planetary Gear Reducer Transmission Gearbox for Servo Motor with Free Design Custom

Applicable Industries: Printing Shops, Energy & Mining
Weight (KG): 8.5 KG
Customized support: OEM, ODM, A variety of shafts are manufactured with custom aluminum alloy stainless steel linear shafts OBM
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: 14N.m-2000N.m
Input Speed: 3000-5000rpm
Output Speed: 0.1-5000rpm
Product name: Planetary reducer
Operating temperature: -10℃~+90℃
Humidity: no more than 85%
Color: Customized
Working life: 30000h
Work efficiency: 97%
Protection class: IP65
Installation direction:: any direction
Certification: CCC CE
Packaging Details: standard export packing
Port: HangZhou

Products Description StageRatiounitPGE-42PGE60PGE90PGE120PGE16013 kg/cm²0.030.200.812.207.8940.030.160.651.805.8350.030.150.621.615.3870.030.140.601.555.22100.030.140.601.535.20StageRatioPGE-42(T)PGE60(T)PGE90(T)PGE120(T)PGE160(T)215/20/250.571.15(0.02)0.62(0.15)1.61(0.62)5.38(1.61)30/35/400.571.14(0.02)0.60(0.14)1.55(0.60)5.22(1.55)50/70/1000.571.14(0.02)0.60(0.14)1.53(0.60)5.20(1.53)*1.Applied to the output shaft center@100rpm.*2.Measured at 3000rpm with no load.TThe above figures/specification are subject to change without prior notice Recommend Products Certifications Company Profile Factory Tour Exhibition FAQ 1.Are you a factory?Yes,Our factory located in the ZHangZhoug Province.2.What’ High Quality Fifth Gear for Main Shaft 2L 3L 5L for CZPT for Hiace 4y 491 Transmission Gearbox,clutch Assembly 1 PC 2005-2016 s your main products?Electrical Motor and Speed Reducer.3.What’s your MOQ?It is ok even if you buy 1 piece.4.Do you have the CE certificate YES,we do foreign business more than 20years.5.How long is the delivery timeWhen deposit payment arrived, Adult Shaft drive 1200w 1500w electric racing atv, quad bike, 4 wheeler we will push the delivery time as soon as possible.6.Do you have products in stockYes,We have products in stock.7.How to ship?We can ship by sea/air/express company.8.What is the package of products?Carton or Wooden Case package,before shipping will send correct size.

Choosing a Gearbox For Your Application

The gearbox is an essential part of bicycles. It is used for several purposes, including speed and force. A gearbox is used to achieve one or both of these goals, but there is always a trade-off. Increasing speed increases wheel speed and forces on the wheels. Similarly, increasing pedal force increases the force on the wheels. This makes it easier for cyclists to accelerate their bicycles. However, this compromise makes the gearbox less efficient than an ideal one.


Gearboxes come in different sizes, so the size of your unit depends on the number of stages. Using a chart to determine how many stages are required will help you determine the dimensions of your unit. The ratios of individual stages are normally greater at the top and get smaller as you get closer to the last reduction. This information is important when choosing the right gearbox for your application. However, the dimensions of your gearbox do not have to be exact. Some manufacturers have guides that outline the required dimensions.
The service factor of a gearbox is a combination of the required reliability, the actual service condition, and the load that the gearbox will endure. It can range from 1.0 to 1.4. If the service factor of a gearbox is 1.0, it means that the unit has just enough capacity to meet your needs, but any extra requirements could cause the unit to fail or overheat. However, service factors of 1.4 are generally sufficient for most industrial applications, since they indicate that a gearbox can withstand 1.4 times its application requirement.
Different sizes also have different shapes. Some types are concentric, while others are parallel or at a right angle. The fourth type of gearbox is called shaft mount and is used when mounting the gearbox by foot is impossible. We will discuss the different mounting positions later. In the meantime, keep these dimensions in mind when choosing a gearbox for your application. If you have space constraints, a concentric gearbox is usually your best option.


The design and construction of a gearbox entails the integration of various components into a single structure. The components of a gearbox must have sufficient rigidity and adequate vibration damping properties. The design guidelines note the approximate values for the components and recommend the production method. Empirical formulas were used to determine the dimensions of the various components. It was found that these methods can simplify the design process. These methods are also used to calculate the angular and axial displacements of the components of the gearbox.
In this project, we used a 3D modeling software called SOLIDWORKS to create a 3-D model of a gear reducer. We used this software to simulate the structure of the gearbox, and it has powerful design automation tools. Although the gear reducer and housing are separate parts, we model them as a single body. To save time, we also removed the auxiliary elements, such as oil inlets and oil level indicators, from the 3D model.
Our method is based on parameter-optimized deep neural networks (DBNs). This model has both supervised and unsupervised learning capabilities, allowing it to be self-adaptive. This method is superior to traditional methods, which have poor self-adaptive feature extraction and shallow network generalization. Our algorithm is able to recognize faults in different states of the gearbox using its vibration signal. We have tested our model on two gearboxes.
With the help of advanced material science technologies, we can now manufacture the housing for the gearbox using high-quality steel and aluminium alloys. In addition, advanced telematics systems have increased the response time of manufacturers. These technologies are expected to create tremendous opportunities in the coming years and fuel the growth of the gearbox housing market. There are many different ways to construct a gearbox, and these techniques are highly customizable. In this study, we will consider the design and construction of various gearbox types, as well as their components.


A gearbox is a mechanical device that transmits power from one gear to another. The different types of gears are called planetary gears and are used in a variety of applications. Depending on the type of gearbox, it may be concentric, parallel, or at a right angle. The fourth type of gearbox is a shaft mount. The shaft mount type is used in applications that cannot be mounted by foot. The various mounting positions will be discussed later.
Many design guidelines recommend a service factor of 1.0, which needs to be adjusted based on actual service conditions. This factor is the combined measure of external load, required reliability, and overall gearbox life. In general, published service factors are the minimum requirements for a particular application, but a higher value is necessary for severe loading. This calculation is also recommended for high-speed gearboxes. However, the service factor should not be a sole determining factor in the selection process.
The second gear of a pair of gears has more teeth than the first gear. It also turns slower, but with greater torque. The second gear always turns in the opposite direction. The animation demonstrates this change in direction. A gearbox can also have more than one pair of gears, and a first gear may be used for the reverse. When a gear is shifted from one position to another, the second gear is engaged and the first gear is engaged again.
Another term used to describe a gearbox is “gear box.” This term is an interchangeable term for different mechanical units containing gears. Gearboxes are commonly used to alter speed and torque in various applications. Hence, understanding the gearbox and its parts is essential to maintaining your car’s performance. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, be sure to check the gearbox’s efficiency. The better its functioning, the less likely it is to fail.


Automatic transmission boxes are almost identical to mechanical transmission boxes, but they also have an electronic component that determines the comfort of the driver. Automatic transmission boxes use special blocks to manage shifts effectively and take into account information from other systems, as well as the driver’s input. This ensures accuracy and positioning. The following are a few gearbox advantages:
A gearbox creates a small amount of drag when pedaling, but this drag is offset by the increased effort to climb. The external derailleur system is more efficient when adjusted for friction, but it does not create as little drag in dry conditions. The internal gearbox allows engineers to tune the shifting system to minimize braking issues, pedal kickback, and chain growth. As a result, an internal gearbox is a great choice for bikes with high-performance components.
Helical gearboxes offer some advantages, including a low noise level and lower vibration. They are also highly durable and reliable. They can be extended in modular fashion, which makes them more expensive. Gearboxes are best for applications involving heavy loads. Alternatively, you can opt for a gearbox with multiple teeth. A helical gearbox is more durable and robust, but it is also more expensive. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.
A gearbox with a manual transmission is often more energy-efficient than one with an automatic transmission. Moreover, these cars typically have lower fuel consumption and higher emissions than their automatic counterparts. In addition, the driver does not have to worry about the brakes wearing out quickly. Another advantage of a manual transmission is its affordability. A manual transmission is often available at a lower cost than its automatic counterpart, and repairs and interventions are easier and less costly. And if you have a mechanical problem with the gearbox, you can control the fuel consumption of your vehicle with appropriate driving habits.


While choosing a gearbox for a specific application, the customer should consider the load on the output shaft. High impact loads will wear out gear teeth and shaft bearings, requiring higher service factors. Other factors to consider are the size and style of the output shaft and the environment. Detailed information on these factors will help the customer choose the best gearbox. Several sizing programs are available to determine the most appropriate gearbox for a specific application.
The sizing of a gearbox depends on its input speed, torque, and the motor shaft diameter. The input speed must not exceed the required gearbox’s rating, as high speeds can cause premature seal wear. A low-backlash gearbox may be sufficient for a particular application. Using an output mechanism of the correct size may help increase the input speed. However, this is not recommended for all applications. To choose the right gearbox, check the manufacturer’s warranty and contact customer service representatives.
Different gearboxes have different strengths and weaknesses. A standard gearbox should be durable and flexible, but it must also be able to transfer torque efficiently. There are various types of gears, including open gearing, helical gears, and spur gears. Some of the types of gears can be used to power large industrial machines. For example, the most popular type of gearbox is the planetary drive gearbox. These are used in material handling equipment, conveyor systems, power plants, plastics, and mining. Gearboxes can be used for high-speed applications, such as conveyors, crushers, and moving monorail systems.
Service factors determine the life of a gearbox. Often, manufacturers recommend a service factor of 1.0. However, the actual value may be higher or lower than that. It is often useful to consider the service factor when choosing a gearbox for a particular application. A service factor of 1.4 means that the gearbox can handle 1.4 times the load required. For example, a 1,000-inch-pound gearbox would need a 1,400-inch-pound gearbox. Service factors can be adjusted to suit different applications and conditions.

China OEM ABA High Quality Low Backlash Planetary Gear Reducer Transmission Gearbox for Servo Motor  with Free Design CustomChina OEM ABA High Quality Low Backlash Planetary Gear Reducer Transmission Gearbox for Servo Motor  with Free Design Custom

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The team is concentrated on generating all variety of normal roller chains and sprockets, gears & gearboxes, these kinds of as conveyor chain & sprockets , stainless steel chain, agricultural chain and has not just offered its items all over china, but also offered far more than 65% merchandise to oversees, which includes Europe, The us, South-east Asia, and it also has established up storage logistics in places like Europe. Great attention has been compensated on environmental safety and strength saving. specialize in power transmission merchandise, CATV merchandise, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and advertising merchandise. PGRH Series

Merchandise Attributes:

(1) Reduced Sounds:UnEPTT65db.
(two) Reduced Backlash:Backlash is unEPTT3 arcmin . Backlash for 2-stage velocity reduction is with in 5 arcmin.
(three) EPT Effectiveness:one-stage up to ninety five% or much more,2-phase up to 92% or much more.

(four) EPT Enter Pace:Enter speed makes it possible for for up to 8000RPM.

(five) EPT Torque:EPT torque output than that of traditional planetary EPT EPTTs
(6) Maintenance-Free:Lower grease use,can be life span lubrication
(seven) EPT Speed Reduction Ratio:Pace ratio is above 1/1000.



  1. Aerospace,military market.
  2. Health-related wellness,electronic details sector.
  3. Market robots,Generation EPTT,CNC EPTT device manufacturing market.
  4. EPT,EPT,EPT,Foodstuff,EPTlurgical.
  5. EPTal defense engineering,Warehouse EPT industry.


Gear BOX Overall performance Information:

Rated output torque T2N Nm 1 three twenty fifty five one hundred thirty 208 342 588 one,one hundred forty
four 19 fifty 140 290 542 one,050 one,seven-hundred
5 22 60 a hundred and sixty 330 650 one,200 two,000
six twenty fifty five one hundred fifty 310 600 1,100 1,900
seven 19 35 a hundred and forty three hundred 550 1,one hundred one,800
eight seventeen 35 120 260 five hundred one,000 one,600
ten 14 37 95 220 370 800 one,220
fourteen 35 140 three hundred 550 one,one hundred 1,800
twenty 37 ninety five 220 370 800 1,220
2 fifteen 20 fifty a hundred thirty 208 342 588 one,one hundred forty
20 19 60 a hundred and forty 290 542 1,050 one,seven hundred
25 22 sixty a hundred and sixty 330 650 1,200 two,000
thirty 22 sixty one hundred sixty 330 650 one,200 2,000
35 22 sixty one hundred sixty 330 650 1,two hundred 2,000
forty 22 60 160 330 650 1,two hundred 2,000
50 22 sixty a hundred and sixty 330 650 1,200 2,000
sixty 22 sixty 160 330 650 one,200 2,000
70 22 sixty a hundred and sixty 330 650 one,200 two,000
80 22 sixty one hundred sixty 330 650 1,two hundred 2,000
one hundred 22 60 ninety five 220 370 800 1,220
one hundred twenty 150 310 600 1,one hundred 1,900
one hundred forty one hundred forty 300 550 1,one hundred one,800
a hundred and sixty one hundred twenty 260 500 1,000 1,600
two hundred 48 140 370 520 one,220
MAX. output torqueT2B Nm one,2 three~200 3 instances of Nominal Output Torque
Rated input speed n1 rpm one,2 three~two hundred five,000 five,000 4,000 4,000 three,000 3,000 2,000
MAX.enter speed n1B rpm 1,two 3~two hundred ten,000 10,000 eight,000 eight,000 6,000 six,000 4,000
EPT Backlash P0 arcmin one three~20 le2 le2 le2 le2 le2
2 15~two hundred le4 le4 le4 le4 le4
EPT Backlash P1 arcmin one three~20 le4 le4 le4 le4 le4 le4 le4
two 15~200 le7 le7 le7 le7 le7 le7 le7
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Backlash P2 arcmin 1 3~twenty le6 le6 le6 le6 le6 le6 le6
two 15~200 le9 le9 le9 le9 le9 le9 le9
Torsional stiffness Nm/arcmin 1,two 3~200 three seven 14 25 fifty 145 225
Max.radial drive F2rB sup2 N 1,2 three~two hundred 780 one,530 three,250 6,seven hundred 9,400 14,500 50,000
MAX.aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.al drive F2a1B sup2 N 1,2 3~two hundred 350 630 one,300 three,000 four,000 6,two hundred 35,000
MAX.aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.al pressure F2a2B sup2 N one,two three~200 390 765 1,625 3,350 four,700 7,250 twenty five,000
Provider daily life hr one,2 3~200 20,000*
Operate efficiency eta % 1 3~20 ge97
two fifteen~200 ge94
Bodyweight kg 1 three~20 .9 2.one six.4 13 24.five fifty one 83
two 15~two hundred 1.two 1.five 7.8 fourteen.2 27.five 54 ninety five
Functioning temperature ordmC one,2 3~two hundred -10 ordmC~ 90 ordmC
Lubrication 1,2 3~two hundred Artificial lubricating oil
Protection degree one,2 3~two hundred IP65
Installation route 1,2 3~200 Any route
Sounds degree(n1=3000rpm) dB 1,2 three~two hundred le61 le63 le65 le68 le70 le72 le74


Firm View:

HangEPT EPTEPTTndeyi EPT amp EPT EPTT, Ltd. is a subsidiary of EPTTiwan Jun Yi EPTTry. Jun Yi EPTTry was started in March 1972. The business EPTTizes in the design and style, deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment and generation of high-tech a variety of EPTed motors and helical EPT EPTTs, worm and worm EPT EPTTs and planetary EPTTs. Our merchandise sold to far more than 30 international locations close to the globe and get very good popularity and numerous awards in the overEPTT industry for a lot of several years. In current many years, to obtain EPTT production and give excellent service,we set up subsidiary of generation of planetary EPT EPTT in EPTT.


1972:EPTTiwan Jun Yi EPTTry is founded.
1989:It estabEPTTd a overEPTT branch firm ATRUMP EPTTRY INC in Los Angeles
1995:Go the ISO9002 EPTT certification.
2003:Pass the ISO9001 high quality certification and the European CE stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd check which enabled the merchandise to be bought in Europe
2013:The company set up subsidiary in EPTT to achieve EPTT manufacturing.

Manufacturing facility:

Knowledge Produced In ATG,Knowledge The EPT.




(one) Can I be your agent?

Sure, welcome to deep cooperation. We have big marketing of ATG brand in the industry now. For the information you should speak to me.

(two) Is OEM available?

Yes, OEM is accessible. We have specialist designer to help your brand name marketing.

(three) How can I get a sample to check your top quality?

Right after cost confirmation, you can require for samples to examine our quality. Free for the samples, but you want to shell out for the freight.

(four)What is your high quality guarantee?

We have distinct varieties of merchandise which can satisfy different quality stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd.
Our QC section will take a look at merchandise before delivery. We have a hundred% quality promise to buyers. We will be liable for any high quality dilemma.

(five) How about the shipping and delivery time?

The shipping time is depending on the merchandise and the quantity. But EPTTly, the shipping and delivery time for a container is about one particular thirty day period.

Welcome to our company.

If any difficulty, feel free to depart concept on the bottom of this page.

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We examine each piece of bearing by ourselves just before shipping and delivery. “We are constantly serving our consumers with our very best merchandise.” a specialised provider of a complete selection of chains, sprockets, gears, equipment racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers. How to Read through:

40 ZDE 20 () (S) -750 T1
a b c d e f g

a: Body Size: 40 = 40mm

b: Collection code:
ZDE: RoEPTTmounting flange series

c: Reduction Ratio:
One Stage: 3,4,five,eight,10
Two Phases: 9,twelve,fifteen,sixteen,twenty,25,32,40,sixty four
A few Phases: sixty,80,a hundred,one hundred twenty,a hundred and sixty,200,256,320,512.

d: Backlash:
Solitary Stage: 12 arc.min
Two Levels: 15 arc.min
3rd Levels: eighteen arc.min

e: Input shaft sort:
S: 0ver locking (Omission) (ReXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.dless regardless of whether the motor with kevwav can use it.)
S1: Locking with locking ring (ReXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.dless no matter whether the motor with keyway can use it.)
S2: Locking with keyway (Enter shaft with important)
K: With keyway
A: Other types (Please contact with us)

f: Relevant servo motor EPTT (W),Remember to contact us for particular EPTT

g: Remember to get in touch with us for the mouting variety of the flange

Spesifications of Distinct Ratio:

Product Kind Device forty Reduction Ratio Variety Of Phase
Rated Output Torque N.M four.5 three 1
six four
six 5
five 8
four ten
/ nine two
sixteen.five 12
16.five 15
twenty sixteen
twenty twenty
18 25
20 32
eighteen 40
seven.five 64
16.5 60 3
20 80
twenty one hundred
16.5 a hundred and twenty
20 160
18 two hundred
twenty 256
18 320
seven.5 512
Max radial torque 160 / /
Max AXiHu (West EPT) Dis.al torque eighty / /
Entire Load Effectiveness % ninety six / 1
94 / two
90 / 3
Backlash arc.min lt12 / one
lt15 / two
lt18 / three

Demensions(Device: mm):

Solution type No. of phase LI L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8
fortyZDE one 93.five 39 26 23 16 two.five two Phi10h7 Phi12 Phi26h7 Phi40 Phi34
two 106.five fifty two
3 119 sixty four.five
B1 H1 G2 G3 L2 L9 L10 D1 D2 D3 G1 Q3
3 eleven.2 M4X6 M3X9 28.five 26 six Phi46 Phi30G7 le Phi8G7 M4X10 forty

EPTT Introduction :

—- About Us—-

Skilled EPTT and EPT Manufacture

HangEPT EPTT LeaEPTTIntelligent EPTT EPTT, Ltd. Was estabEPTTd in EPTTst 2006. It is an EPTT EPTT EPTTrprise integrating R ampD, manufacturing, product sales and support of motor EPTrs, small and EPTT electrical EPTTs and precision EPTTs. It has 3 branches, four subsidiaries, and more than one, five hundred personnel, with a registered money of eighty million EPTT, masking an region of 66667 square meters In EPTTst 29, 2017, it was outlined on the HangEPT Inventory Exchange’s EPTE board A shares (stock code 57196) In 2019, it understood an functioning revenue of 676 million RMB.

Manufacture Approach:




Q: What’re your principal items?
A: We presently make Brushed DC EPTs, Brushed DC EPT EPTs, Planetary DC EPT EPTs, Brushless DC EPTs, AC EPTs, EPT EPT Planetary EPTT and EPT Cycloidal EPTT and so on.. You can examine the requirements for previously mentioned motors on our web site and you can e-mail us to advise needed motors per your specification also.

Q: How to select a suitable motor or EPTT?
A:If you have motor photos or drawings to display us, or you have in depth requirements, this kind of as, voltage, pace, torque, motor measurement, doing work mode of the motor, needed life span and sounds level and so on, make sure you do not be reluctant to allow us know, then we can recommend suitable motor for each your request accordingly.

Q: Do you have a EPT service for your stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd motors or EPTTes?
A: Of course, we can personalize for each your ask for for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft measurement/condition. If you require further wires/cables soldered on the terminal or require to add connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it also.

Q: Do you have an person design and style service for motors?
A: Of course, we would like to design and style motors independently for our clients, but some kind of molds are necessory to be deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ped which may require actual EPT and layout charging.

Q: What is actually your guide time?
A: EPTTly sEPTing, our standard stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd solution will need 15-30days, a bit EPTTer for EPT merchandise. But we are very fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble on the lead time, it will depend on the certain orders.

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We have exported our goods to Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy, Norway, the United states of america, Canada, and so forth. EPG is a expert producer and exporter that is concerned with the layout, improvement and generation. In this way, our products have continued to obtain market acceptance and consumers gratification over the past couple of a long time. RRODUCT FATUERS:

The company is a EPTTized manufacturing facility that produces miniature EPTT reduction motors on a set-point basis. It has a creation historical past of much more than 10 many years. The firm has a comprehensive set of EPTTrprise administration and technical management techniques, and its merchandise are created in strict accordance with GB / T19001-2000 stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rds.

The quotWeiEPTTg quot EPTT EPTT created by our company sells properly in provinces, municipalities and autonomous locations of the nation. It is commonly employed in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, meals, ligEPTT market, grain, oil, feed and other EPTT, and is deeply EPTTed by buyers.
Welcome new and previous consumers to check out and XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis..

one, Waterproof plastic bag packed in foam box and carton as outer EPTT.
2, Export wood box EPTT for products.

  in Durban South Africa  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Round Mounting Flange Spur Electric Induction Small AC Gear Motor Servo Motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Durban South Africa  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Round Mounting Flange Spur Electric Induction Small AC Gear Motor Servo Motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

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our items are promoting effectively in the American, European, South American and Asian markets. Our AdvantagesProducts Large volume in Inventory, No MOQ required We comply with all the worldwide expectations, this kind of as ISO9001 and TS16949 specifications. If you need any information or samples, you should speak to us and you will have our quickly reply. Our principal items, steel EPTTes ,EPTT techniques for motors through powEPTTmetallurgy processing.
We EPTTize in developing and producing hugely engineered, custom made EPTT areas , EPTT , elements and assemblies. Our professional employees are EPTTed in the direction of offering clients with substantial high quality items and excellent service .

In a easy planetary EPTT set up, enter EPTT turns the EPTTEPTT at substantial velocity. The planets, spaced close to the central aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s of rotation, mesh with the EPTTas nicely as the mounted ring EPTT, so they are forced to orbit as they roll. All the planets are mounted to a single rotating member, called provider. As the planet provider turns, it provides minimal-velocity, higher-torque output. The EPTT Equipment Receives The Input While The three World Gears Offer The EPTTt By way of A Planet Provider .
Our EPTT,LigEPTT fat,tiny measurement, substantial carrying capability, EPTT services existence .Smooth procedure, lower noise, huge output torque, massive velocity ratio, high performance, EPTT diversion, and multi-tooth meshing by powEPTTmetallurgy approach .

EPTT ratio 3 to 1000 .

Tailored metallic areas specification

Product type Custom made speed EPTT metal EPTT ,OEM planetary EPTT systems , velocity EPTT , motor EPTTs , custom automatic motor EPTT manufacturing unit
EPTT metallic
Method PowEPTTmetallurgy , steel EPTT molding , cnc machining
Therapy plating ,sand blasting , PVD , coating
Tolerance plusmn0.3%
Drawing structure DWG ,IGS , STP
Delivery time ten daEPTTfor mass manufacturing

PowEPTTmetallurgy (PM) is a metallic parts / factors fabrication way and made from metal powders material . The method of powEPTTmetallurgy (PM) is mixing wonderful powEPTTmaterials , press them into a wanted shape or sort compacting , and heating the compressed material in a managed ambiance to bond the material sintering .PM process can avoid , or drastically reduce the want to use metal removing procedures,therefore significantly minimizing yield losses in manufacture and oftern ensuing in reduce EPTTs .
The powEPTTmetallurgy (PM) consist a few methods : powEPTTblending,compaction and sintering .Widespread merchandise incEPTT EPTTs , structural metal components , bushings utilized for automobiles , EPTTs and powEPTTequipments .
Positive aspects of powEPTTmetallurgy
EPTT manufactured by powEPTTmetallurgy (PM) EPTTly do not need even more finishing , since makes excellent surface area finish.
Maintains shut dimensional tolerances
Offers resources which may possibly be warmth taken care of for enhanced power or improved wear resistance .
There is much less wastage of raw content , can be very inexpensive for mass creation .
Sophisticated styles elements can be manufactured . Gives controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration.
Satisfies to higher quantity elements productions requirements .

Custom made metal parts


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The high precise CNC equipment, such as Slow-feeding wire-lower equipment, jig grinding machine and electrical discharge equipment, makes certain the prime quality precision of mould processing, with the high productive and environmental safety acid rolling line becoming the largest raw substance changing tools in the area in china The wildly use of computerized milling equipment, higher-pace automatic feeding punch, substantial velocity computerized rolling and assembling machine ensures the high top quality and performance of components and chain generating. EPG is a expert producer and exporter that is anxious with the design, improvement and creation. Owing to our wide solution range and abundant activities in this sector, high torque 310v BLDC EPTT for Automobile Seat Adjustment

1.EPTT specifications:

a)Car (Enthusiast,See mirror,wiper blade,car seat adjustment and so on.)
b)Home Appliance ( Electrical cooker, Electric mop and other products.)
c)Healthcare products and beauty items.
d)Business office items (these kinds of as printer, scanner……)
e)Other Fields.
2)wide speed scope,straightforward to control speed and position.
3)Edge of BLDC Electric Gear Brushless DC EPTT For Electric Equipment
a.Reduced interference
b.low sounds ,sleek operation
c,EPTT existence,low servicing EPTT
d. Utilised broadly
four)EPTT specs:

design rated EPTT rated voltage current poles rated speed torque@rated speed EPTT torque length excess weight
110BL3A110-625 785W 310VDC 3.4A eight 2500rpm 3Nm 10.5Nm 138mm four.5kg
110BL3A170-620 1250W 310VDC 5.4A eight 2000rpm 6Nm 21Nm 198mm 7kg

5)We can source you this bldc motor with EPTT or encoder.
6)We can alter motor requirements and shaft size according to your prerequisite.

2.Production Flow

3.Company Info

In modern 10 several years, EPTTry motor has been dedicated to the manufacture of the motor items and the main merchandise can be categorized into the pursuing series, specifically DC motor, DC EPTT motor, AC motor, AC EPTT motor, Stepper motor, Stepper EPTT motor, Servo motor and EPTT actuator sequence.

Our motor items are widely applied in the fields of aerospace sector, automotive business, finXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.al equipment, EPTT EPTT, EPTT EPTT and robotics, medical gear, place of work products, EPTT EPTTry and EPTT sector, providing buyers trustworthy tailor-made remedies for driving and managing.

4.Our Providers

one). EPTT Services:

Fast Reply

All enquiry or email be replied in 12 hours, no delay for your enterprise.

Professional Group

Queries about items will be replied professionally, exactly, best advice to you.

Limited EPTT time

Sample or little orEPTTsent in 7-15 days, bulk or EPT orEPTTabout 30 days.

Payment Option

T/T, Western EPT,, L/C, etc, straightforward for your organization.

Prior to shipment

EPTTke photos, deliver to consumers for confirmation. Only verified, can be transported out.

Language Option

In addition to EPTT, you can use your own language by e mail, then we can translate it.

2). Customization Provider:

EPTT specification(no-load velocity , voltage, torque , diameter, noise, existence, tests) and shaft duration can be tailor-made according to customer’s requirements.

six.Package deal amp EPTT

  in Can Tho Viet Nam  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 110mm Series Low Speed Servo DC Brushless Motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Can Tho Viet Nam  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 110mm Series Low Speed Servo DC Brushless Motor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler